Trail des Vignes

Registration for the 2019 events implies the reading and acceptance of the regulations as well as a medical certificate or a licence  (See regulations).  
We recommend that you use the medical certificate made available on the site (PDF file that can be modified).The latter includes the mandatory name for participation in this type of event.
You will also find a modifiable PDF file of the parental authorization. Parental authorization will be required for minors wishing to participate in the Discovery Trail "Fillette" (5 km), "Magnum" (10 km) or Bike and Run (10 km) .

Online registration : Here


Trail Rules

Bike & Run Rules

Medical Certificate

Parental Authorization                                                                                                                                                                   

After April 15, 2019 (except for the Fillette (5 km)) any registration (online or on site, depending on availability) will be increased by 3€. 
No refund possible after April 15, 2019 (Possible before only on presentation of a certificate of contraindication) 
When the bibs are collected, the licensees must present their licence and an identity document, the unlicensed ones must present an identity document. 
For the Bike and Run: Deposit cheque payable to the Association Moine et Sanguèze, corresponding to the UHF bracelet (See Bike and Run regulations) 
For all participants in Methuselah (16 km) and Melchior (25 km) please take into account the indications of article 7 of the Trail Race Regulations. 
The Trials
Magnum (10 Km):  
7€ FFA, 9€ for the others
Departure 19H45, Altimeter profile
=> 1 cellar crossing

Mathusalem (16Km):  
9€ FFA, 11€ for the others 
Departure 21H00, Altimeter profile
=>1 cellars crossing

Melchior (25 Km):  
11€ FFA, 13€ for the others 
Departure 20H45, Altimeter profile

=>2 cellars crossing

Fillette (5 Km):  
4€ for the benefit of the association
Cap pour la vie
  Departure 20H00, Altimeter profile

Bike & Run
10 Km: 6€ par personne
(12€ par équipe) 
Departure 20H00, Altimeter profile